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choosing the right frames and lenses

All About Glasses: Choosing the Right Frames and Lenses

Fashionable eyeglass frames come and go, but frames that accentuate your best features are timeless. Instead of spending an hour or two at the optometrist trying on dozens of frames before settling on a frame style, use these professional tips to help you quickly narrow down your choices and find the right glasses frames for your face shape that never look out of date.

Picking the Right Frames for Your Face

  • Round faces will appear slimmer and a bit longer with narrow, rectangular eyeglass frames that also have a clear bridge to widen eyes.
  • Oval faces look even more balanced when you wear frames slightly wider than your forehead.
  • Oblong faces with straight, long cheeks appear more balanced and shorter with frames that carry more depth over width enhanced by decorative temples and lower bridges to shorten a longish nose.
  • Triangular faces ó narrow forehead, wider chin and cheeks ó look great with colored frames or frames resembling ďcat eyes.Ē
  • Square faces have broad foreheads and prominent jaw lines. Soften and extend a square face by choosing narrow, oval frames with less depth and more width.

Best Frames for Hair and Skin Colors

  • Blond, light-skinned people should opt for medium brown or olive tortoiseshell frames. Medium to light shades of green or blue also blend well with these skin and hair colors
  • Those with brown hair and medium to dark skin tones can pick just about any color frame as long as they aren't too strong. Burgundy, tortoiseshell with a hint of gold or muted red are some color choices favoring browns.
  • Red-haired people should stick with tortoiseshell, rich hennas or warm browns for their choice of eyeglass frame colors.
  • If you have gray or silver hair, blue and burgundy frames look great, but try to avoid silver and tortoiseshell frames that could make your skin tone look washed out.

Consider how heavy the glasses feel on your face. Remember, the frames you are trying on havenít been weighted down by lenses yet. What about nosepads? Some people like them because they help keep their glasses high up on their noses. Others dislike nose pads because they make indentations on their nose or really donít prevent their glasses from slipping down.

Selecting Frames for Bifocal or Trifocal Lenses

Your Prince William Eye Associates optometrist can help you choose appropriate frames for special lenses. Frames for bifocal or trifocal lenses should provide enough space to accommodate lenses with multiple prescriptions. Narrow frames should be avoided if you need multiple prescription frames to minimize interference with your vision prescriptions. Round, oval or standard-size square frames are your best option when choosing frames to hold trifocal or bifocal lenses.

What Are the Best Lenses for Glasses?/

Polycarbonate eyeglass lenses are thinner, lighter and more resistant to scratching then traditional plastic lenses. They are also your best option if you lead an active lifestyle since polycarbonate is also impact resistant and offers UV protection. Trivex lenses are made from an advanced plastic similar to polycarbonate but even thinner and more lightweight. In some cases, Trivex lenses may improve eyesight better for people with certain refractive errors.

Aspheric lenses offer different degrees of curvature that may be flatter or thinner for using larger portions of its surface. People needing strong prescriptions benefit from high-index plastic lenses that arenít as thick as traditional plastic lenses. Photochromic lenses contain materials that react to sunlight by darkening gradually so you donít need to wear sunglasses when outdoors. However, photochromic lenses donít always darken inside vehicles because windows block UV rays. If you spend a lot of time driving, you might consider getting a pair of prescription sunglasses to wear while driving.

You can also choose to have your eyeglass lenses enhanced with a lens coating, such as anti-reflective, UV protective or scratch-resistant coatings. Tinted lenses help some people see better in bright light. Yellow tints increase contrast while gray tints reduce glare without altering colors. Although mirror coatings are retro, some people prefer them because they minimize glare slightly and offer a sense of privacy.

Prince William Eye Associates Are Here to Help

Whether itís choosing the right lenses for glasses or picking the right glasses frames for your face shape, we are more than happy to help you select your next pair of glasses to satisfy your aesthetic needs and optimize functionality. If you havenít had your eyes checked in over a year, please call us today at 703-361-6151 to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam.

Now At Prince William Eye Associates: Ray Ban Sunglasses & Opthalmics. We do eye glass fittings for residents in the Manassas, Woodbridge, Bristow, Nokesville, and Gainesville Va area.

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